Best Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym In INDIA 2022

Best Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym

Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym

If you want to upgrade your work out the game, just get this ab equipment already. It helps with burning calories, getting muscle,  6 packs, and much more. Using ab equipment will make it easier to get to your dream body. These ab machines for sale are really worth the purchase with it comes to getting a better-looking body. These ab equipment are convinced and easy to use on any occasion and are the best Ab workout machines for home gym.

There are several different kinds of ab machines available for purchase. Each one allows you to do different types of exercises. What types are there and how do they work? Here are the main styles you’ll find:


Just how it sounds, these machines are essentially a small wheel or roller with handles on either side. You’ll use the roller to do exercises similar to pushups, using the roller to engage your core. These machines are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles. Use the roller on your knees and work towards that washboard stomach!


Do targeted plank exercises with these machines designed to give you an unstable platform on which to place your elbows or hands. As an alternative for the same purpose, you can also use a Bosu ball, which is a halved exercise ball attached to a rigid platform.


These products allow you to easily slide your feet all around to perform a range of exercises that will strengthen your core. Use them on just about any type of floor for great results.

Crunch and Sit Up Machines

Looking for some support while doing your crunches and sit-ups? These machines provide a metal framework that supports your neck and back while doing this exercise. It can help motivate you to make it through your daily exercises and ensure that you perform the exercise correctly.


Workout and weight lifting benches also come with supports that can help you perform sit-ups and crunches. In addition, you can use them to perform more challenging versions of plank exercises.

Ab Roller

Ab rollers consist of a small wheel that rotates on the floor as you push it out in front of your body. This movement gives an outstanding stretch and contraction to your entire core, but particularly your abdominals.

Ab Belt

Ab belts use electronic stimulation to allow you to work your abs without your active involvement. When they first came out, their manufacturers made a lot of over the top claims about their effectiveness. This has led people to view these machines as nothing more than quackery. However, there are some good ones out there.

Ab Glider

Ab gliders involve movement along a pre-set track that moves the abs either up and down or to the sides or a combination of both. Some machines allow for movement through a 180-degree range of motion.

Other Machines

Some machines, such as the Ab Rocket Twister, allow you to get a targeted ab workout while your lower back is in a prone position. Other machines use a handle and foot stirrups by which you are able to push down on the handle to compress your abdominal muscles.

Most of these abdominal exercise equipment options allow you to target different areas of your muscles. This means you’ll get a complete ab workout that will transform the look of your stomach.

Top 10 Best Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym



Ab Circle Pro Abs And Core Home Exercise Machine

Ab workout machines for home gym

Check price on amazon

  • Ideal For Men & Women
  • Original product from Renowned Manufacturers

Ab Circle Pro

Check price on amazon

  • Ab Exerciser,
  • Mini Home Gym
  • Ab Cruncher, Oblique Twists, Back Extension


 Ab Machine Abdominal Workout for home use

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  • Our multi-function Abs Twister Trainer, designed for whole-body muscle toning and muscle building.
  • The Abs exercise equipment has been tested for durability

Ab Coaster Max

Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym

Check price on amazon

  • High endurance
  • Heavy-Duty frame
  • 100 % genuine product

Ab Coaster

Ab Machine Abdominal Workout

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  • Simultaneous workout on thighs, chest, abs, legs, calves, and shoulders.-Various exercises possible- use with caution
  • Best machine for six-pack fitness abs fitness and tummy reduction

 360 Ab Workout Exercise Machine


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  • It will help you get flat ABS quicker and light and portable
  • Resistance tube is Ideal for resistance training, strength training, cross fitness training, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and mobility training

Ab Machine Exercise Equipment by ODDISH

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  • Make your body muscles more strong and get an amazing physique with this tummy trimmer from the house of Uniq.
  • Portable Fitness Equipment

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Check price on amazon


  • Transform any space into a personal free weight fitness center.
  • Multifunctional 

 Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

 Check price on amazon

  • It is designed to target your fitness and will help you to get the best physique.
  • Its Offers adjustable resistance Levels to suit all fitness levels.



Check price on amazon

  • Wheels give more stability, control, and balance.
  • Random Color Shipped as per the availability.
  • The AB roller comes with a knee pad. The comfortable knee pad helps to maximize results of ab roll-out exercises and protect your knees from getting hurt.


Rotate your way to get a sleek and attractive six-pack with Ab Circle. The first Ab machine is indeed a compact selection. Ab circle pro abs and core fitness machine is an excellent selection and the best Ab workout machines for home gym for those who find sit-ups and crunches painful.


  • The machine is made with gym-quality steel, which makes sure that it lasts for long. Without letting you be on the ground, it targets our entire core from one side to another side.
  • It offers three resistance levels, which makes it appropriate for both beginners and experts. The machine is adjustable with different body height, and you can comfortably place your knee on the knee pad.
  • Moreover, the machine comes with an extended, foam-padded handle. It assures you can comfortably get the stability while exercising. The device is so capable that doing 3 minutes workout on this machine is equivalent to almost 100 sit-ups.
  • The Ab circle pro comes with a sleek design that is easy to fold and store. The machine is similar to the treadmill but more efficient than the treadmill. The price is also reasonable.

Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is also quite different from the other Ab workout machines that we have listed. This is one of the more expensive items on our list. The machine provides a very quick workout which is quite easy to perform. The quality of the machine is quite sturdy as it is made of very high-quality steel. The machine uses a pivot on which you can keep your body so that you can get a good ab workout. The machine is quite effective in targeting all of the ab muscle regions, including the oblique muscles. Apart from this, there are also three different resistance levels that you can gradually increase to get an even more effective workout. Storage of the machine is quite easy as it comes in a foldable design which lets you store the machine under your bed or some other convenient place when you are done.



  • A friction-free track lets you pivot your body to work ab muscles
  • Challenges your upper, middle, and lower ABS and oblique’s
  • Three resistance levels; folds up for easy storage under a bed


The final Ab Coaster abs machine on the list is an excellent workout option and the best Ab workout machines for home gym. It helps you target those hard-to-reach lower abs. The machine is equipped with all-steel construction along with a 2″ stainless steel rail.

Its ultra-glide nylon roller assures a smooth and noise-free rolling. The device comes with a freestyle swivel seat which performs the bottom-up motion. You can comfortably put your knee on the Urethane molded foam seat.

The seat and the durable construction allow the user to weight up to 400lbs. Indeed, it is huge! Besides, it includes two elbow pad, which is attached to the padded handle. It provides excellent balance over the entire body when you are using it. At the bottom, the padded base provides enough support on the floor.


  • The significant feature of this machine is that it has a plate-loading resistance system. You can load weight according to your workout routines need. These parts add a superior dimension to your regular workouts.
  • Indeed, it is the sturdiest and best ab machine for home available today. People of all ages and fitness types can accommodate the device. You can get attracting six-packs at a compatible price. Give it a try!

Ab Coaster Max

The ab coaster max offers an excellent ab workout that is so much easier on the back and neck that the traditional sit-ups and crunch.

The machine works lower mid and upper abs on the way up and the way down, for max muscle activation. The seat turns, allowing you to target obliques as well, so no core muscles are left out.

Ab workout machines for home gym


  • Scientifically proven to engage ab muscles as much or greater than the traditional crunch.
  • Exercise in a comfortable upright position, suitable for people of all abilities. No more floor work!
  • Includes ab cardio workout DVD, meal plan, and guide.
  • Accommodates riders up to 300 lbs.

Ab Coaster

It would be amazing wouldn’t it, if you could really spend just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster abs machine to get a tight, toned, and sexy waistline by the summer.

I remember back a few years ago when I first had the opportunity to test one out. This was when it was new and just as it was hitting the market. I believe that was in 2007 or 2008.

At the time, I was working with a fitness company that distributed treadmills and elliptical equipment.

They were a growing business so naturally, they wanted to expand their offering of different kinds of home exercise equipment.
Ab workout machines for home gym


  • Keep track of your workout time, calories, and reps with the led computer.
  • An exercise monitor keeps track of time, a number of repetitions, and how many calories you burn.
  • Simultaneous workout on thighs, chest, abs, legs, calves, and shoulders.-Various exercises possible- use with caution.

360 Ab Workout Exercise Machine

Don’t be late to order this product as the company offers:

a quick start guide

to lose your additional weight, a Nutrition Guidebook with delicious recipes also given as the gift

a motivational Workout Calendar, so that you can track your progress

Last but not least, an instructional DVD with total workouts that you can do seated in the comfort machine of your home.

The gym accessories manufacturer Ab Doer successfully achieves great popularity and fame within a very short period of time. So, for those who want to improve their abs, this brand brings AB Doer 360 Transform Your Entire Body with Abdobics Ab Workout and Exercise Machine for them. It is really an amazing and unique machine with a handful of exclusive features. You can have a look at them below.

If you are too busy that you can not get enough time to go to the gym, then this ab machine is the best Ab workout machine for a home gym. On the other hand, this fitness machine came with a DVD and a nutrition guidebook.

Ab workout machines for home gym


  • It will be very effective for weight loss exercise because of its design and function.
  • The design decreases the possibility of being injured.
  • For people of almost all ages, sizes, and weights, it is suitable.
  • You can perform a good number of exercises using this machine.
  • It is not much heavier and so you can move it very easily.

Ab Machine  Exercise Equipment by ODDISH

This excellent piece of ab workout equipment is the best Ab workout machines for home gym. Using the free ebook included with the product, you’ll discover a wide range of exercises that can be performed with this roller wheel. This particular wheel makes it easy to target all areas of your abs, including the obliques. Made by ODDISH, it’s a quality, sturdy product you can count on to withstand heavy use.


  • Includes wheel and knee pad for working out
  • Features 2 ebooks on nutrition and ab machine workouts
  • Simple, easy to use an ab machine
  • Withstands up to 485 lbs.


Ab Rocket offers a revolutionary way to work on your entire abs and even on your sides. The Ab Rocket abdominal trainer is a real piece of gym equipment which effectively works on your abs, back, and neck.

The unique design comes with steel frame construction, which is durable enough. On the back of the machine, it has rolling cushions that provide a gentle massage while exercising.

Ab workout machines for home gym


  • It features a back and head apparatus that supports your back and neck portion. The design comes with three resistance levels to provide an efficient workout to beginners and experts
  • You can get an efficient result by spending only 5 minutes per day on the machine. The machine includes a padded handle and seat for more support. You can either push yourself back with handle support or with the help of your feet.
  • Moreover, its simplistic construct provides even pressure on your head, neck, back, and lower abs. The machine is an excellent choice for the user with limited space. Also, it is so lightweight that you can quickly move it around. Surprisingly, the price is reasonable. So give it a try.

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

The Ab Rocket Twister provides an effective workout, particularly to the sides of the waist. However, it does not allow for custom use, meaning that some people simply may not fit the unit.

With no back pain and no personal trainer, you can quickly get your dream abs. The Ab Rocket twister trainer allows you to rock your way to get the structured abdominals.

This unique design adds dimension to the existing crunching motion. It comes with a steel frame structure that provides excellent stability. This abdominal chair precise work on your abs and obliques.

At the backrest, it included a padded massage roller, which provides a gentle massage on the back. The rollers are ideally placed to give you maximum comfort. It’s swivel seat twists and turns when you move.

Besides, the seat is so comfortable that you can get optimum comfort while exercising. It features three resistance levels for people of all fitness levels. Its adjustable head support allows you to strengthen your core.

Overall, Ab rocket twister will provide you the result that you’ve always wanted. You can get a more accessible result by spending only five minutes each day. Also, the price is within your budget.

Ab workout machines for home gym

Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym


  • The Ab Rocket Twister has the appearance of an upmarket padded chair. The chair swivels and twists to allow you to work your core through a range of movements. The backrest features padded massage rollers that move with your body. There are handle grips at the sides for support.
  • The Ab Rocket Twister provides you with three levels of resistance, which are color-coded for your convenience.
  • The movements that you can do on this machine are simply rocking and twisting.

AbxCore Ab Machine Abdominal Workout Equipment

AbXcore brings an entirely different abs machine with guaranteed muscle activation. The core Ab machine helps you burn belly fat and improve overall endurance

The best about this abs machine is its compact design and portability. You can carry the machine with ease along with you wherever you go. Also, this versatile machine allows you to use both in sitting and lying positions.

Ab Workout Machines For Home Gym


  • It is made out of high quality, durable, and sturdy material, which will indeed last for long. Over the steel frame, it has comfortable soft cushion contact pads, which delivers comfort and ease of motion.
  • Besides, it takes too much effort to perform any regular workout like crunches, sit-ups, and so on. The machine comes with a removable arm for allowing effective oblique isolation.
  • You can adjust according to your height, which means it is fit for all body types. It has a phone cradle that allows you to do the workout with a training video on your smartphone.
  • Moreover, the machine uses resistance spring technology to add resistance for all fitness levels. Indeed, it’s a must-have Ab machine to meet all forms of comfort. The price is also affordable.


Doing workout alone is pretty boring. You can do 100 sit-ups a day and probably see results but it’s definitely not the most exciting way to spend your time.

Anyone of the equipment in this guide can definitely spice up your workout routine. They all add a little more excitement to your life and variety &  fun are two necessary components for sticking with a workout routine in the long run.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best Ab workout machines for the home gym to fit your needs. If you want to recommend an Ab machine I didn’t include, please use the comment box to get in touch.

Have fun and enjoy your best Ab workout machines for home gym!

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