There is a rise in awareness towards physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This has led to an increase in the demand of fitness centers and hence the demand of fitness trainers. You can easily find a fitness center or a gym in your city or town which is looked after by a trainer. So how can someone claim to be a trainer? Can anyone, without any specification be a trainer? I’m sure there must be a lot of fitness freaks who wish to be a trainer themselves. If so then this blog is for you. Here we will be talking about how to become a fitness trainer in India. Along with that we will also look into the annual average earnings of a gym trainer. But before that let’s have a clear idea about what a fitness trainer is and what duties he should perform?

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Fitness trainer guides and leads people to stay fit via exercise and related activities. Someone who motivates and instructs individuals or a group of people to do all sorts of exercises as per their requirement. He also helps people to select the best fitness regime for them. Their work is challenging as they have to deal with people of all ages and skills. 


Fitness trainers may work in a variety of environments. Mostly they work in gyms or in fitness clubs. However some may also have their own fitness studio. Some of the trainers may also get hired as a personal instructors. So they perform a variety of role like:

  • The trainer must know about various exercises and routines so that he/she can demonstrate how to carry the same.
  • To minimize the injuries for the clients, the trainer should illustrate the correct technique to do an exercise.
  • During workouts or classes he should be able to give alternative exercises for the customers with different skills and experience.
  • Give the clients guidance regarding nutrition, diet and lifestyle issues.
  •  Monitor the progress and performance of the clients’.
  • Should be able to provide emergency first aid if ever needed.
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Being a gym trainer is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a few things that you should keep in mind and follow if you wish to become a gym trainer.

Get into the zone

To be a fitness trainer you need to be a fitness freak first. You should also be determined to help people to achieve the goal of living a healthy life. You can convince and motivate people only if you yourself are fit and you can act as their role model.

Develop the necessary skills

A fitness trainer has to deal with a variety of people so he should be able to communicate properly. Good interpersonal skills and an attractive way of presenting oneself are some necessary skills.

Get certified

The value of a trainer who is certified from a recognized organization is way more than those who don’t have an authentic certification. In fitness trainer courses you are taught about science, human body, nutrition, biomechanical principles of the body along with how to handle injuries from exercising. A certification course is usually of a duration of 2-3 months costing you from INR 10,000- 30,000. To get the certificate you have to clear a written as well as practical exam that would not be very difficult once you complete the course. These certifications come with a validity and hence are needed to be renewed from time to time.

You can also expand your area of expertise by doing special certification courses.

Train yourself regularly

Most of the trainers once established hire assistants to work and they themselves sit in the office. It’s good to have assistant trainers. This means you are expanding your business but if you want to remain a trainer physically you should train people personally as much as you can.


 Income of the fitness trainers depends largely on their clients as well as the type of trainer they choose to be. Personal trainers earn handsome money. Some personal trainers charge from $25- $100 per hour. If they are instructing top notch clients they might end up earning even more. The gym trainers earn from thousands to lakhs annually. Their income depends upon the number of clients they are instructing and the popularity of their gym.

In India a personal trainer can earn anywhere between 117,192 INR – 1,411,709 INR on an average annually. If you provide personal training services by the hour, you can make about 10,000 INR per hour and above if your client is a bigwig. It all depends on the result you bring to your clients.

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Being a fitness trainer sounds quite fascinating but it’s not that easy. People expect a lot from their trainers sometimes they even expect the unreal. However it’s the job of the trainer to make his client aware about the reality and guide and instruct him properly. Keeping oneself physically fit is another thing that a trainer should keep in mind and requires a lot of determination and hard work. Once you are a fitness trainer don’t stop learning and training yourself. Keep yourself updated with the new workout trends.

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